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Care Of Your Plants

Proper Plant Care

Proper care for your new plantings is the single most important step to ensure their health and long life and to protect your investment. Here are important items to remember:

1. Water is the key to all plant growth. A few long and deep weekly watering are much better than frequent light watering. To check if watering is needed, remove some mulch from around the plant. The soil should be damp, not muddy or crumbly dry. Allow the soil time to drain between watering. This promotes air penetration into the soil, which is key to root development. During summer months, generally, new plantings should be watered three times weekly, less during cooler, wet weeks. Ten foot trees need approximately 15-20 gallons, shrubs need 3-7 gallons per watering and smaller plantings need 1-2 gallons. Watering needs must be monitored closely and tailored to each plant. When watering with a sprinkler, try to apply �" of water each time. Additional water may be needed for trees. A rain gauge will help you to monitor watering.

2. Mulch helps to moderate fluctuations in temperature and moisture. A 2-3 inch layer of double ground bark mulch should be maintained on your plantings. This will also suppress weed growth. Mulch decomposes with time, adding organic matter to your soil. Keep your mulch beds stirred up (not crusty). This prevents fungus from forming and makes mulch last longer. Don't mulch over 3" deep. This will aid water and air penetration.

3. Pruning and shearing determines shape and habit. Remove all dead wood by cutting back to a point of live wood. Try to remove interior (crossing or congested) tree branches to increase air and light, allowing plants to attain their natural form. Avoid shearing plants unless you are creating a hedge.

4. Fertilizer helps to supplement nutrients not available in native soil. Apply at the beginning of your plant's second growth season, not the first year, as we will have fertilized at the time of planting. Use an organic type, balanced blend of fertilizer. Apply at recommended rates on the product label around the drip line (outer edge of branches) of the plant. For plants that seem pale in leaf color, a liquid fertilizer can be applied directly to the foliage. Again, organic options (seaweed or fish based) are available.

These are general care guidelines. The conditions and plant species at your particular site may require some modified care. If in doubt, please call with any questions before trouble shows up - by then it may be too late! We'll be happy to go over any special needs you may have.

Proper Watering/Care for Your Lawn

Proper watering and care is crucial to ensure a healthy, lush, green lawn.

1. Lawns require an inch of water weekly for best growth, either from rain or irrigation or both. Inexpensive rain gauges may be purchased, or a coffee can may be used to measure the amount of water applied. It takes about 625 gallons of water to apply an inch to 1,000 square feet of lawn area. The soil should be saturated with water to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

2. When watering your lawn, do not apply water any faster than the soil will absorb it. Allowing the water to run-off is wasteful. Use a sprinkler that applies a coarse spray. With a sprinkler that applies a fine mist, much of the water will be lost to evaporation before it hits the ground.

3. Good maintenance practices will promote vigorous lawn growth. A healthy lawn is better able to withstand and recover from drought conditions. Good maintenance includes applying lime and fertilizer regularly, proper watering and mowing. Mowing at 2 inches is recommended, as it permits greater leaf growth. This results in more vigorous grass, surface shade, reduced evaporation, and suppressed crabgrass and weeds.

Our Guarantee:

Plant Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

All material is guaranteed as specified and all work completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. Plant material installed by DH Lawn and Landscapes, LLC has a 1 year guarantee if, and only if, proper maintenance is applied by the homeowner. All plants are guaranteed to be alive and in good condition for a period of one year after installation, unless otherwise stated. Plants will be replaced one time only.

DH Lawn and Landscapes LLC is not responsible for any materials damaged or neglected after installation. All guarantees or claims against us are null and void due to: 1) improper watering or care by owner, 2) acts of nature including, but not limited to, flood, drought, insects, prolonged freeze, 3) physical damage caused by humans or animals (deer, mice, etc).

There is no guarantee on transplanted plants.

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